“CAR” Center Axis Relock system

CAR Splinter Cell Blacklist

Splinter Cell Blacklist – Kevin Secours on Weapons Part 2 #lifeatubi

最近は、スプリンターセルブラックリストという5年前のゲームにはまってます。 Splinter Cell: Blacklist S...

Paul Castle

Center Axis Relock (CAR system), Paul Castle explica brevemente los fundamentos del sistema

Center Axis Relock (con subtitulos en español)

Paul Castle, Creador del sistema C.A.R. efectuando una demo del C.A.R. con pistola

Behind the Scenes – Demo using Center Axis Relock

This is a raw behind the scenes look with students learning for the first time the Center Axis Relock firearms system.

Comments about reloads with Paul Castle – founder of Center Axis Relock

Here is an informal conversation with Paul Castle during a larger demo on the Center Axis Relock (C.A.R.) program he has developed. Victory Defense Consulting was there to capture it in the raw and bring it to you.

Natural Tactical

New CAR System Position Names

Natural Tactical
Heir to Sabre Tactical and the CAR System, Jeff demonstrates the updated position names for CAR Version 3.0 (2016). Since Paul Castles death Jeff has continued to evolve the system and more importantly how to seamlessly integrate it into a traditional shooting (Weaver/Isosceles) platform.

Pistol Draw at CQ: Weaver/Isoc + Center Axis Relock

Jeff shows how he has merged the Center Axis Relock and Traditional Weaver/Isosceles pistol draw techniques together into a platform that can adjust based on the situation. This allows for the option to stay square or blade and move quickly off line. From there to continue with CAR System stance when engaging close and “punching out” to Weaver or Isosceles at distance.

Multi Target Fast Shooting w Both Hands – Center Axis Relock System

Demonstration of the integration between the CAR System firearms platform and conventional shooting (Weaver & Isosceles) stances.

Center Axis Relock System -Drawing to Stage 2 vs CQ Position

Jeff speaks about the traditional stage 2 of the draw vs moving into the CAR System Close Quarter Position. You could start firing at stage 2 of the draw if needed though moving into the CQ Position as soon as possible will offer a more stable stance to shoot and physically fight from.

CAR keanu reeves

Keanu Shredding with Taran Butler Chapter 2 Director’s Cut

John Wick 2 Tactical Training with 87eleven Action Design and Taran Tactical Innovations.

Keanu Reeves, 3 Gun, Taran Tactical, Got Wick?

Keanu Reeves at Taran Tactical shooting like he means it. GOT Wick? Because he sure does. Get Whicky with it !


Center Axis Relock: Shoot & Reload like a Boss

Center Axis Relock: Shoot & Reload like a Boss! Here is a video where I’m working on my shooting from the CAR Extended Position and Reloads for time.


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